cfp (bis 1.3.’17): Transnational Knowledge

„Guest editors Anne Duscha, Kathrin Klein-Zimmer, Matthias Klemm, and Anna Spiegel invite interested authors to submit proposal abstracts for original contributions on the focus topic “Transnational Knowledge” of the journal “Transnational Social Review – A Social Work Journal” (TSR) to be published in spring 2018. (…)

Researchers could discuss one or more of the following questions:

  • What translation practices generate transnational knowledge in the different professional and organizational fields?
  • How do the inbuilt power relations in the respective professional fields (Global North/Global South, experts/laypeople, professionals/clients) influence the practices and outcomes of knowledge creation?
  • What practices and discourses create and contest legitimacy and authority of knowledge in the different fields?
  • How is the international dimension of acceptance integrated into reasoning (e.g. scientific research, the claim of human rights) and how is the transnational claim used in proposing new causes of action—e.g. pressing changes with regard to human rights, altering pedagogical practices due to “universal” claims of rationality?
  • How are forms of transnationally approved knowledge whose truth claim rests precisely on processes of inter- or transnational bargaining (e.g. new modes of social work) disseminated?
  • Finally: What theoretical concepts can be used to describe transnationally approved knowledge in the making? Possible “candidates” could be “negotiation,” “conflict” and “translation.” How do we have to take the role of power, inequality and subjectivity into consideration when reasoning about transnational knowledge?“