cfa (bis 10.4.’17): Internationale Tagung “Child maltreatment and well-being: Contemporary issues, research and practice”, Rijeka (Kroatien), 7.-8. 7.’17

Participants are invited to submit abstracts for presentations or posters in English. Presentations and posters are invited on any of the listed themes below (or similar subjects). All abstracts will be blind-reviewed by the scientific committee based on the a priori established criteria. Priority will be given to papers based on results of empirical research, but theoretical and review papers will gladly be accepted. After the evaluation process, all participants will receive feedback on their abstracts.

Suggested areas of topics:

  • Different marginalised groups of children (children in care, refugee children, children with behavioural problems, different marginalised groups of children etc.) and child victims of emotional, physical and sexual abuse or neglect
  • Prevalence, incidence and official data on child maltreatment/child well-being.
  • Risk factors for child maltreatment/child well-being at individual, family, community and/or society level
  • Resilience of marginalised groups of children and protective factors
  • Indicators of child maltreatment/child well-being
  • Consequences of child maltreatment at individual, family, community and/or society level
  • Perpetrators of child maltreatment and risk factors at individual, family, community and/or society level
  • Reporting and sanctioning child maltreatment
  • Prevention, intervention and evaluation of preventative strategies
  • Treatment interventions for victims, families and perpetrators and evaluation of treatment interventions
  • Social awareness, attitudes and social reaction on child maltreatment/child well-being
  • Media and child maltreatment/child well-being
  • Public policies concerning child maltreatment/child well-being
  • International comparisons of child protection systems and children’s rights
  • Participation of families in child protection
  • Interdisciplinary practice and interventions: examples of good practice
  • Innovations and challenges in research methodology
  • Challenges and innovations in training and education of professionals in the care sector
  • Children’s attitudes and evaluations
  • Children’s rights and challenges of protecting children’s rights
  • Teaching child maltreatment/child well-being: challenges and innovative teaching methods

Abstract submission deadline: April 10, 2017

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